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Bergamot is strongly antiseptic and uplifting, has a sweet fruity, citrus aroma and is clear in colour. Bergamot is the perfect oil to help lift that Monday-morning feeling any day of the week!

This Bergamot oil is FCF (Furocoumarin-free also known as bergaptene-free). We have this Bergamot oil re-distilled in the UK to remove the waxes, including bergaptene.

8 benefits of bergamot

As well as being used to make delicious tea and flavour a wide range of food, the bergamot fruit has a number of reported benefits and uses.

While bergamot is generally thought to be safe to use, it’s best to speak to your doctor if you have any health concerns.10

Some bergamot benefits might include:11,12,13,14

  1. Relieving feelings of anxiety and stress

A 2011 study published in Phytotherapy Research found that bergamot essential oil may help alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress at a biochemical level.

According to the research, mice injected with the anti-anxiety drug Valium (diazepam) displayed lower biomarkers for stress when exposed to the scent of bergamot oil.

They also had lower levels of corticosterone in their bodies, which is the animal version of the stress hormone, cortisol.

  1. Preventing and healing skin concerns

A 2019 study in the Open Food Source Journal reported that bergamot oil can neutralise the common bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, at concentrations of 27 micrograms per millilitres.

At this concentration, it’s believed that bergamot oil is likely safe and possibly effective in preventing minor skin infections.

  1. Regulating mood

When used in aromatherapy, bergamot oil has been found to trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, key hormones that regulate mood.

Inhaling bergamot oil can stimulate the brain to exert neurotransmitters (e.g. serotonin and dopamine), which helps regulate mood.

  1. Managing digestive comfort

Bergamot can reportedly help calm an upset stomach due to its calming properties.

Add 1 to 3 drops of bergamot to a carrier oil, such as jojoba or coconut oil, and massage on to the stomach or drink Earl Grey (which is made from a blend of black tea and bergamot oil), and has long been used to help ease digestive discomfort.

  1. Clearing your airways 

Herbs and products that have an uplifting aroma, like bergamot, can be useful in helping open up your chest and clear up your senses, similar to the way in which eucalyptus works.

Either put a few drops of bergamot oil in a diffuser and breathe in the scent or rub some on your chest, providing it’s been blended with a carrier oil first. As is the case with all essential oils, never apply neat bergamot oil to your skin because it can cause adverse reactions.

  1. Cleansing skin

Bergamot happens to be a natural antibacterial and antiseptic, which means you can easily combine it with your hand soap, cleansing gel or moisturiser to give your skin a thorough clean (it also smells nice and fresh too).

  1. Lifting your spirits

Remember how we mentioned to you about bergamot’s aroma being zesty, floral and well, just fresh? When you diffuse bergamot or combine it with a carrier oil and rub it into your skin, the citrusy, uplifting burst of freshness it gives off can really help perk you up!

  1. Supporting healing

As well as thoroughly cleaning skin and surfaces, bergamot’s antiseptic properties can help support wound healing, cracked skin, ulcers, itching and other forms of skin issues. It may also protects wounds from becoming infected and prevents new infections from forming.

While there is some evidence to back up these bergamot benefits, it’s worth bearing in mind that many of the studies were relatively small and not all of them were conducted on humans.

With that in mind, always speak to your doctor before use. If you already take medication, it could be worth asking if bergamot oil is likely to react with your current medicine or impact any other health concerns you may have.15