Mani Organic Sun Dried Tomatoes In Extra Virgin Olive Oil 180G

0.3 kg

 The tomatoes are placed in large dryers and kept there at a temperature of 50 ° C - 60 ° C. The temperature is kept deliberately low to maintain all the valuable properties and great taste and preserve all heat-sensitive substances, such as vitamin C and lycopene. When the drying is fully completed, the tomatoes are checked one by one to make sure they are perfectly dry and then delivered to the packaging unit. Here, following the traditional recipe, they are rehydrated in cold water and placed in glass jars with the addition of simply extra virgin olive oil and basil. They are now ready to be used as a delicious appetizer, or on hot grilled bruschetta, or as a tasty addition to pizza and pasta sauces. The oil in which they are packed can be used in the same way, added to any tomato-based sauce, salad or dip for extra taste. No preservatives. Not artificially treated or coloured.

Ingredients: sun-dried tomatoes* (48%), extra virgin olive oil* (51%), basil*, lemon*, vinegar*, sea-salt
*Certified Product of Organic Farming