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Have you heard...?

About Turmeric, Curcumin or even Turmeric Lattes and feeling you don’t know where to start?  
It’s alright, here's a good place.
"The Turmeric has helped so much with my arthritis."- Alison M

'Trust Me I'm A Doctor'

The benefits were highlighted by Dr Michael Mosley in the BBC's 'Trust Me I'm A Doctor'. 
Turmeric is the bright golden spice and curcumin is the active ‘compound’ within it.


However Dr Mosley also found that your body can’t absorb curcumin on its own. 

"So far so good, the turmeric is really helping my arthritis."- Marnie

The curcumin secret

But when ginger and black pepper are added to turmeric, you're able to absorb the curcumin. 

Golden Turmeric has Organic ginger and black pepper added, to do just that.

"Have seen massive benefits"- Tania 

Gary Barlow’s secret to weight loss

And Take That star, Gary Barlow is a convert.

Crediting Turmeric Golden Milk as his secret to weight loss.

And even tweeting his own special recipe


  • Perfect for making Turmeric Latte & Golden Milk
  • Gluten Free, Lactose Free
  • Lovingly hand packed

Turmeric Lattes 

You can use Golden Turmeric to make a turmeric Latte (or Golden Milk).

They’re quick and easy (you can see just how in this 30 second video).

Cooking with turmeric

Experts think that it's cooking with turmeric that makes it more digestible.

It’s the mixing of oil, again with pepper and ginger that helps you absorb the curcumin within.

How to use

Suggested Use: 2.5g - 5g (1/2 - 1 tsp) daily and is ideal for adding to hot milk (or soy milk) for Turmeric Lattes or Golden Milk (see back of packet for recipe).

You can also add to savoury dishes for that authentic Indian colour and taste.


While we're working to eliminate plastic use, we're also off-setting what's used.

For 2019, we've funded to recycle 1 million plastic bags, preventing them from polluting the oceans.

Certified Organic

Ingredients: 100% Pure, Soil Association Certified Organic blend of Turmeric, Ginger and Black Pepper.



Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Non-EU Agriculture and Certified Organic by the Soil Association in the UK.