Organic Cold Pressed Mustard Oil 250ml

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Freshly cold-pressed
With essential fatty acids
Mild spiciness

Mustard belongs to the botanical family of Brassica plants. The mustard seed oil is purely plant-based and is created through cold-pressing of black and yellow mustard seeds (Sinapis alba). Mustard oil, in contrast to rapeseed oil, also contains erucic acid.

The edible oil is extracted from mustard seeds through cold pressing. The typical mustard spiciness is typical for the savoury taste of mustard, horseradish, wasabi, arugula, radish and watercress. The spiciness is due to the natural content of mustard oil glycosides and isothiocyanates (allyl).

Apart from a spicy kick, the mustard oil is characterized also by a significant content of omega-3 fatty acids, which is significantly higher than the content found in the rapeseed oil and walnut oil. Mustard oil contains about 16% omega-3 fatty acid and is therefore classified as a high-quality edible oil with a balanced ratio (1: 1) of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids!

In Indian and Bengali cuisine, mustard oil is widely used and is very popular. It is used for spicy dips and sauces and gives curries and fish dishes a spicy piquant flavour. Also called sushi seasoning oil, mustard oil is highly recommended because it is more evenly distributed and more compatible than the green wasabi paste.

A spicy dipping sauce is easy to make with a little sour cream and heated mustard oil. Add jam and mustard oil to cream cheese for a unique spread.

The oil is also often used for cooking, seasoning and marinating vegetables. The preparation of a mayonnaise with mustard oil for potato salad is a culinary experience. Mix the mustard oil and canola oil in equal parts and mix it into a delicious mayonnaise.

Uses: For Dips, Pestos and Marinades, For Fish and Seafood, For Meat , For Vegetables and Salads
Seal of Approval: EU Organic Symbol, Certified Organic - Controlled Organic Farming