Raw Local (East London) Honey 454G

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Seven Kings Apiary is in Seven Kings in the London Borough of Redbridge, just inside the county of Essex.

They sell honey that is produced locally by their own bees.

Honey is a pure, raw product which many people believe has beneficial effects upon the health.

Many people buy manuka honey for this reason, but there is increasing evidence that while most manuka honey does contain manuka nectar and pollen, there is evidence of fraud and consumers cannot be sure of what they are buying.

We believe all honey is beneficial, but that there are many good reasons to buy it locally. Firstly, manuka is no use against hayfever, as the plant is not native to the UK and is not common, so you won’t be allergic to it.

Unlike so many of those in the shops, local honey has not been finely-filtered, pasteurised or blended with many different types of honey. This means not only are you getting a natural product with very few food miles attached to it, it also tastes fantastic.

They are registered with the London Borough of Redbridge and hold the highest food hygiene rating of five/very good. So our customers can be sure we take our handling of the honey seriously.

Seven Kings Apiary produces raw local honey from its honey bee colonies. We pride ourselves on producing the best honey possible by doing as little as possible to what the bees have already created.

We concentrate on keeping happy, healthy bees and don’t use hard chemical treatments or antibiotics in looking after them.

Unlike much of the honey you find in the shops, we only filter our honey. It is therefore completely unadulterated and is all the better for being that way. We don’t pasteurise it, heat treat it, or blend it with other honey, so you get the pure natural goodness of a raw, local honey as the bees packed it away in their hives.

There’s nothing quite like local honey. We think you’ll agree you can’t put a better honey on your bread. Or in your yoghurt, porridge, cold remedies, hot toddies, or even in your cakes.

Whatever you do with our honey, we know you’re going to love it. Probably just as much as we do.

We sell local honey and so we’d like local people to buy it.

When processing our honey, we do as little as possible to it. So, there’s no mucking about – we extract it from the honeycomb, filter it to take out any bits of wax (or bee) and bottle it. This means you can enjoy the same product the bees love so much.

Though extracted from the comb, this is still RAW HONEY, as we are not heat treating it, taking anything out or adding anything in. When we do have to use heat to stored honey, we use a low heat similar to the temperature inside the hive to avoid altering the nature of the honey.