Sukkari Fakhir Dates From Saudi Arabia 1Kg

0.544 kg
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Moist, Fresh, large dates.
A high fibre, high energy snack to be enjoyed daily
Suitable for snacking and baking.
Unprocessed, no additives.
Smooth texture, moist and very moreish!
These dates include the stone!

Sukkari Dates are soft, golden dates. They are larger than Deglet Nour dates, with all the softness and caramel-like flavour of Medjools! We found these dates to be incredibly moreish! Sukkari dates are characteristically very sweet, and they are more succulent than standard dates.


These dates make the ideal snack. They are high in fibre, vitamins and nutrients. They also work well in any recipe that calls for Medjool dates. We love adding them to smoothies, cakes, bakes, cereals and tagines! These dates contain the pit, so be sure to remove this before consuming!