Yogi Bees Wax Wrap

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Size 25cm x 25cm 

With the YOGI TEA® beeswax wrap, your food will remain fresh without any plastic... and will also be beautifully wrapped.

When it comes to the topic of “everyday waste”, most of us immediately think of plastic packaging, which often seems unavoidable when buying food, cosmetics or cleaning products. But we also generate quite a bit of waste at home, in the form of cling film, tin foil and paper bags to hold our snacks when we’re out and about. But here’s the good news: this can be easily avoided! 

The handy alternative for your home

You have probably heard of beeswax wraps before. They are a great alternative made of natural materials such as beeswax, jojoba oil and resin provided to us by nature. A beeswax wrap is great for keeping perishable foods such as fruit, vegetables and bread fresh. It can also be used to quickly and conveniently cover bowls and glasses. 

However, a beeswax wrap is not only a useful addition to your kitchen; it can also be used creatively when on the go – your packed lunch and other snacks can be safely and prettily wrapped up in the beeswax wrap. An especially useful feature: the wraps are highly flexible and also self-adhesive, thanks to the warmth of your hands.

YOGI TEA® now offers a handy beeswax wrap with a beautiful design. Our beeswax wrap is a limited edition and available in selected organic food stores