Yogi Organic Breathe Deep Tea 17 Tea Bags

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Ayurvedic blend with eucalyptus, basil and thyme. Organic and naturally caffeine free!

Breath is essential to all life. The eucalyptus in Yogi Tea Breathe Deep gives us the impression that our whole chest is opening from within, allowing energy to expand deeper inside us. We can breathe again. Thyme and basil combined with warming cinnamon and ginger stimulate and add delicious flavour. The essence of this tea is: 'Breathing is Life'


Eucalyptus* (26%), liquorice*, ginger*, basil* (6%), cardamom*, cinnamon*, mullein*, alfalfa*, fennel*, thyme* (3%), elecampane*, vanilla extract (natural flavour), cloves*, black pepper*, vanilla beans*.
* From certified organic farming.

Contains licorice - in case of high blood pressure, excessive consumption of this product should be avoided.