Vegan Pulled Meat Burgers made from our very own Organic Jackfruit

Organic Jackfruit Burgers!

The Vegan Nutritous Meat replacement!

I was curious about our recent new addition of Organic Jackfruit in BPA free tins. I had heard about it being used as a meat replacement in recipes, so I decided to experiment on Hubby and kids.... thats what families are for... experimentation :D

I wanted to stay safe and decided to make burgers. Burgers just triggers those happy connections in everyones mind. You can't go wrong with burgers! And as usual I was right! Hubby thought it was chicken burgers and kids ate it without a fuss, Alhamdulillah (All Praise to Allah)



1 Small onion

Homemade Ghee

1tsp Organic Ground Cumin

Half tsp Organic Paprika

Half tsp Organic Cayenne pepper

Himalayan Salt, to taste

Organic Ground Black Pepper, to taste


Cut the onion and fry it in some homemade ghee. Once light brown add the drained jackfruit (save the water) and the spices.

Cook the jackfruit so the spices and onions mix well with it and sets a smooth consistency. If it becomes too dry, add the water from jackfruit tins. 

Once cooked, add bbq sauce and mix well. 

spoon the mixture onto burger bread, add homemade coleslaw and devour!

Ifrah Amir

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